Dreams of Flying?

by Kathy S

I have had several dreams where I can fly. I remember the first one; I was in a mall and not feeling comfortable when I found myself above everyone and no one knew I was there, they could not see me. After a while I realized that a few very tall people could see me and understood they were not surprised I was there. In the continuing dreams, I was flying to be safe from something that was happening. I fly standing up, just began to rise. I love the feeling. I have not had any of these dreams in along time now. I have asked to have on nightly before I go to sleep but I haven't. The dreams are so peaceful and safe, I miss them.
Anyone have any idea what the dreams are about and why they stopped. Thank you, Kathy

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Flying free
by: Mashubi

Hello dearest Kathy,

That is so wonderful that you experienced yourself flying in dreams! It is a wonderful experience of freedom! I do not know what the flying dreams mean for you, as each person has a unique 'dream vocabulary', but often these dreams help a person to remember their spiritual essence and the freedom of being a soul. It may be that once you have 'gotten' the message that your inner self chooses to focus elsewhere on a new area of learning. Sometimes dreams help us to open up our latent spiritual understanding and abilities.

Another way you can understand the meaning of your flying dreams is to 'talk' to the part of you that is fling in your dreams., and see what she has to say! Or you could site down and draw a picture of the dream, or write from the perspective of the you who is flying. These kinds of exercises can be fun and also enlightening!

With much love,

by: Anonymous

i had a dream last night that someone was chaseing me in the woods. then all of sudden i threw my hands out and i started to fly. but i got half way off the ground but it felt soo wonderfull.

Dreams of flying
by: Anonymous

I too have had many dreams of flying. Many times I fly around the city at night looking at the lights. Other times it will be daylight and I'll begin running and take off into the sky. Then periodically for some reason I will be outside and I'll try to fly, but can't seem to get off the ground.

I use to fly
by: Theo

It has been awhile but, I dreamt that I could fly. I use to have these dreams often. In some of the dreams I would not like to go too high. However, in most of them I was up there a good 200 feet and more. On a couple of occasions I did have to fly to get away from people chasing me. I loved flying allow I'm scared of heights.

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