Dreams of my Daughter who was Murdered

by Ava
(New York)

what people usually say about me,is that i am depressed.no,its called mourning,and i will always be so.my daughter,who was 31 years old,was brutally murdered.she didnt just die of a serious illness,a car accident,and so on.i was not even allowed to view her body,to say goodbye.someone decided to that he would not only take his life,but hers,as well.the very next night,she came to me in a dream,tall,dark,with wounds all over.i saw her then turned around,mom,look,i am myself again.no wounds,just as beautiful as she use to be.she said,mom, i have a pony,and i can drive my car all day long if i want,with such a beautiful smile.i woke up crying,but i got to see her,as if it was our special goodbye.i see her all the time,she asks me if she can lay down near me,and sleep for a little while,like when she was a child.these dreams are precious to me,and i hope the lord keeps her appearing to me,even if in a dream...forever

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