Dreams of Tidal Waves

by Rhoda

I live in the Caribbean on a tiny island. I have been having dreams about tidal waves for about 3 years now. The first dream started off as just a choppy sea with the waves coming up across the street (i live across the road from the beach). By the second dream it was a tidal wave and no one else but myself could see it roaring towards land. I had my son with me at the time, I had no time to warn anyone and we headed for the hills. My husband was around the corner with my baby daughter. It crashed down the island and my son and I were safe. My husband and daughter were no where to be found and I was grieved.

What I noticed though, is that most of the time i had one of those dreams it mostly involved my young son (5 years old at the time) and i would outside the home getting closer and closer to going through my gate. In one dream it crashed on the island and when most of the waters receded there were dead bodies all over. I wept and felt responsible. The strangest thing is that no one else would ever see it coming. The second to last dream was when the tidal wave rolled right up to where the waves normally broke and just stayed there in mid air as if waiting for the right time to crash. This was the fiercest one of them all. It was scary, raging almost seemingly boiling and humongous. I called my husband and in-laws to look at it, and they just stood there under it in amazement while i ran inside to fetch the kids to get away (no one was heeding my warnings to get away).

The last dream i had, there was another tidal wave rolling in and some huge rocks suddenly rose out of the sea to form a circle in which there was a calm pool and my kids were there playing in it unaware of the danger beyond the rocks. Someone was sitting on one of the rocks in peaceful content looking into the pool and am not sure whether it was me or my son. I have had 3 of these dreams this year and since that last one where the rocks arose out of the sea acting as a barrier, I have never had those dreams since. (please bear in mind that the family store and the home is the same building).

I am yet to understand the real meaning to my dreams and I know that my son plays a significant part in the reality of the meaning of this dream.

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