Dreams of Tornadoes

I dreamed about being in a lot of tornadoes. They were all around me one right after another one, but they never did harm me. But I could see the damages all around me. I was with my boyfriend,my daughter and grandaughter. I was separated from my daughter and grandaughter for a while then we all was back together again. We were not harmed during all the tornadoes touching down and destroying all around us.

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by: Anonymous

Tornados mean destruction usually in regard to something already existing in your life. It could be a business, a job, issues from your childhood that have not been dealt with yet etc...God is kind and loving to speak to us in our dreams. This tornado dream is a warning of what is about to come into your life soon. The mere fact that your family is safe is God's way of telling you, He will never leave or forsake you when you face the troubles that are headed your way. Ask God for wisdom on what you should do or act upon soon, so the devastation is minor, perhaps even spared. Do not be afraid or give up either...God is with. Ask Him to reveal the things that need to be changed in you and around you. Maybe secret sin or the sin of your fore fathers that still has you bound in something you no longer want in your life. In my many dreams of tornados, I have come to learn that something bad is about to manifest in your life and secondly it will not be easy but rest assured God is in control. He wants to show you what needs to be lifted or removed from your life. I am sorry that this reply may seem hopeless and dreary, sometimes we need these things in order to change. Never give up & trust in the Lord with all your heart.

Tornados NEW
by: Lupe

I had a dream that it was a beautiful day and in the back of my yard was a gentle Lion rolling around playing with a child my son walked up with my grandson in his arm and we were looking in amazement but not afraid. Then I was at my husband funeral but no casket was at the church I just felt it in my heart I was there for this reason. I then found myself outside it was a beautiful day the sky was a blue I never seen before, I was speaking to someone in a car like they were leaving and my sister was standing next to me them she said look I looked up and saw two white tornados coming from each side at a distance. My sister said oh! My we need to go we walked to what was a train that ran on top like in new York, so we got to safety I turn then I see thousand of people coming for shelter and I look down I see my three year old granddaughter in front of me so I grab and put her behind me to protect her but I was never scared and woke up.

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