Free Online Guided Meditation

Welcome to our free online guided meditation archive. These are some of the healing guided meditations offered on our site or channeled through our Blessings of the Light messages list.

You may use these online guided meditation scripts for your own spiritual healing. When we get a chance I'll put some of these on a sound file so that you can listen to them and receive the healing vibration of their source more directly. In the meantime, you can tape record the meditation yourself, and listen while you relax.

You are welcome to reprint any free online guided meditation from our site, as long as you respect our copyright by using these only for non-commercial purposes, reprinting the entire meditation, and including a live link to our site.

These free online guided meditation scripts are powerful tools, and we recommend using them within the context of a spiritual healing partnership or a spiritual healing group that can provide support for the process of purification.

Divine Heart Meditations

Sacred Star Healing Meditations

These meditations use the sacred symbol of the six pointed star to bring balance and healing to all aspects of our being.

Breathing in Light Meditation

More Online Guided Meditation Supports

For more free online guided meditation support, please see the spiritual support resources from Light Omega which include two very profound online audio meditations on The Practice of Alignment and Developing a Quiet Mind. These are available at our World Blessings online community site.

Also, please see our Blessings of the Light messages, which offer spiritual healing support in the larger context of our participation in the spiritual transformation of the Earth.

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