by michelle

Yesterday my grandma passed away the same night my sister had a dream about her where she kissed her on the cheek we really want to know what this means asap please help

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signs or warnings NEW
by: Anonymous

hi there,

i dreamt of my grandma passing almost 2 or 3 times this year and so did my mum. sadly, granny passed away on november 21st. my other aunties had dreams too but i dont want to go into detail.

Anyways the way i see it, someone was trying to warn us that it was time for her to go. could have been our other relatives who passed or could have been my granny's soul trying to tell us. it was a really sad and unexpected time for us.

i dont mean to alarm you but maybe you should spend as much time as you can with your grandma. i was really close to mine and im still devastated. sometimes when they're satisfied with their life and have nothing else to hang on to they pass.

Dreaming of a Loved one on the day they pass NEW
by: Anonymous

I may not be the best at interpreting, but from what I have been told if you dream of a loved one in a setting like that on the same day they passed, it's usually your loved one saying their goodbye, letting you know they love you. Their way of letting you know they are okay. :)

Grandma is Keeping the Kids NEW
by: A. Yon-Livingston

My grandmother has been deceased for seven years now; and most recently, I keep dreaming about her. I have dreamt about her in the past; and in those dreams, she may or may not speak to me. Recently when I dreamt about her, I'm always asking her to babysit one of her other great grandkids. She never looks at me and alway agreed to keep them. Last night, when I dreamt of her, she was sit on a sofa in her bedroom, shelling beans, and looking straight forward. I come into the room an ask her to look after one of my little cousins and if she wanted something to eat. She says yes and I leave the room to go to the store to get her something to eat. I was hell-bend to get her some Chinese food. I'm so wanting to understand why I keep dreaming of my grandmother and me asking her to babysit her great grandkids.

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