Grandma's Warning

by Evette

I dreamed that I was taking my Grandmother to a Doctor's Appt. Once inside, I started filling out paperwork and providing ins. information. I was entering the medical history info, when I started to check the Blood Pressure box, i then realized that my grandmother was no longer with us(deceased). I cried and cried once I realized what was going on. The strangest thing was that we went to see a Doctor that My Mom was seeing for her BLOOD PRESSURE. My grandmother had NEVER went to this Dr. before.A couple of days Before the dream, My mom had been complaining that she wasnt feeling well and her head was hurting, Finally she agreed to get checked, the nurse checked her Blood Pressure and it was 230/140, extremely high, they would not let us leave until it was more than stable. The moral of this dream is: My grandmother appeared to me in a dream to let me know that my mom's blood pressure was at stroke level...... GOD HAS BLESSED ME WITH THE SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT. IT IS A WONDERFUL GIFT, A LITTLE SCARY AT TIMES

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Angels are among us...
by: Shellie

I have had a similar experience with my daughter and a friend of hers that had passed. I was having a dream that her friend was telling her it was ok for her to go with her to heaven that her mother wouldn't care and I awoke to my daughter having seizures. It was a dream I will never forget. My daughter is alive and well..I am praying to St. Jude to help me find a job and I am asking anyone reading this to say one for me as well. I am struggling and I have the faith of a mustard seed, so I know something will happen soon. Please keep me in your prayers.

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