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Jun 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am praying for you and with you. I send my prayers out to God for you to be relieved of such stress.
May you move on with normalcy again.

Jun 23, 2010
our trials for others sucesses

i was accused and convicted and serve 6 months and 3 years of a felony of domestic violence in which my ex of 24 years , use to sell our home and turn my children against me, and lost all my rights to see my little girl of 7 then, now 14, and the hardness of a job and to know your enemy though she won over me, now i found a great holy woman and am and going to receive 7 folds of what was taken, remain in god and repent of any hate or anger and just ask jesus our savior to sent his angels to help you. even if your convicted you will gain for others and you will see the lord work on your enemy, my ex is lost as in this moment , loss all the money from the sale ,235.000 and lives in a small apartment and has to work for the first time in her life and her lover left her and took all our money and the kids are realizin who she really is and was. amen. patience and trust and prayer will lead you to overcome all. i pray this may help you amen

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