husband being bitten by black visious dog

by michelle

i was walking when this black dog in a leash attacked me. I jumped and hanged on to a clothes line.i had no idea how to get down or escape the dog.The while watching from above(while hanging in a clothes line) isaw my husband approach.he didnt see the dog. I shouted at him to go back because a bad dog is behind a white bed sheet being hanged in a clothesline where im at.he didnt hear me and the dog attacked him and bit him in the right left foot.he has shoes on.I shouted at the owner and the owner said while watching us on a terrace saying the dog is not rabid its ok.i said its not it bit my husband.then my husband took of his shoes and changed into heavy duty protective boots he wears to work.i asked him, you will that even if the dog has already bit you .he said yes the dog bit me already and was smiling while wearing the protective boots.

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