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Feb 03, 2011
Prayer for self care, not self harm
by: No Longer Myself

I feel we are going through the same things in different situations, and I pray that you, like me, can start to focus more on Self Care, not Harming ourselves out of desperation, hopelessness. pain and resentments.

I pray that we can make this journey together in our own worlds, and that God can help us each day by giving us alternatives to taking our anger and helplessness out on ourselves. Instead of cutting, I shave my legs. Instead of drinking, I have something sweet. Instead of attempting suicide because I cannot handle living this daily agony anymore (or for another 40 years, in my mind), I beg for help from loved ones and take a 6 or 7 day 'hospital vacation' from the expectations, stressors and responsibilities of daily life. It resets me, plants me back in the real world instead of just in my own thoughts and reactions, and family involvement can be a great healer.

Though those answers came to me and I'm usually able to follow through, they came from somewhere, and I have to assume that God is trying to help me get through these battles and to give me the chance through time to actually want to live another day. I pray he does the same for you.

With much love.

Jan 08, 2011
Very poignant
by: Anonymous

Your words brought me to immediate tears, because we seem to be all slobs seeking to see whether God is one of us - those of us who struggle every day. Many are born with silver spoons in their mouths and have this Utopian attitude for what life for the Joneses should look like. But, what if God was just one of us? Just a slob like one of us - trying to make his way? What if we could speak and he would answer, whether he has a resolution for us or not? What if he just proved himself to be real - to give some hope? Most people don't face your dark and scary space, my dark and scary space. We can only imagine how dark and how scary it is, and we do it because we came across your words and we have been there. How do we feel his touch on our shoulder? How do we feel hope? How do we go on?

I'm in the same dark place. Everyday I wake to drive 40min on gravel road in a place I hate and know no one, everyday I must give myself to others who know not me and the turmoils I face. Everyday I keep silent about mine own turmoils because if I do not I open myself to judgment by the Joneses. Everyday something goes wrong and I ask - who cursed me? What bought me to this awful place? I'm in a place where human contact is minimal and where all put on a show for each other - it is rural Canada. My job took me here, and people are not good. I live in a town of 2500 with 5 churches - and people are not good - they are simply not good - and I simply keep silent. It is a strange place - alien - like they have developed some sort of cult system that does not fit with the rest of the country. And, approximately 200 people congregate into 5 separate churches on Sunday to worship something the seem to be not really aware of.....the Joneses.

And, like a trooper I go out into this world everyday to teach - lol, yes to teach.

Dec 24, 2010
sending a prayer for you...
by: Anonymous

I am saddened to read your prayer request, and I pray for you my friend that your life turns around for you now.
I have been where you are and its a feeling of helplessness and I feel your hurt.
God bless you and prayers being sent for you right now from the UK.. Jane x

Dec 21, 2010
self love and prayers to you...
by: Anonymous

I am prayin for you... i know te feelins all too well...lovin myself is te most difficult rite now.Stuck in patterns and feelin enclosed in a box all alone (we really arent alone) it is SELF are not alone and we will rise above...dont quit and I wont...keep reacin out and someone will always reac back. I am a mom too... I am sober but av a difficult time wit oter tins. I try to focus on wat I am doin rite, and askin for elp on wat I cannot do on my own...we can do tis ! sorry my computer keys are broken. ope you can understand tis... your friend from across te states in California

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