I Dreamed of my Pastor

I dreamed that it was 7:10 pm. and my Pastor said you know better, then all of a sudden another Pastor who is about 6'5" picked her all the way up in the air and said all it takes is a grain of mustard seed. He had on a purple robe, then all of a sudden she was in her room like something devastating had happened she was crying and a lot of people were there, then there was a big place that looked like a foundation and she was walking and I was behind her she had a cigarette and I started yelling at her to give it to me and I told her that she told me to follow her as she followed Christ and she wasn't following him now, and I was telling her where was her faith, I told her that the man of God was raising her up, at that time she was laying in the dirt where the foundation had been dug,then all the people started saying the same thing,yeah he is raising you up! Then I woke up.

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