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Nov 06, 2009
Bearing the Unbearable
by: Anonymous

Dear One,
Your heart is strong and so it knows that God loves you, and yet as with all things on the human plane, it is not clear how pain and hardship can be part of that love.

Beloved one, there is not an answer to this except within your own soul. Your own soul knows how to go through this time of hardship and may even know why it is taking place. It is important to know that you have access within you to the road through, and that there are choices to be made and ways to look at things that will give you a greater measure of peace.

Though the circumstances of your life may be difficult, the way through is to maintain connection with your inner knowing and to let that guide you through this time of hardship. As it often happens within human experience, that which presents itself as an obstacle also permits one to make new choices about how to live.


Nov 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

please pray for me i had cancer i have people after me for money i need money to pay bills please pray i have too much stress.

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