i want to no if my dream has a meaning

i dreamt that my friend had a stall and selling things then she said sh theres my dad and somhow we were on the other side oposite the stall then i turned around and whilst tryng to walk off i was walkin down a line of loads of dressingrooms purple ones *down a road sorry well path* then i was on a beach and i was swiming in the ocean in the night and then i swam close to a pear then appeared on the beach again and then the vampire thing cam down and i squeezed his one eyeball out and it felt real too then i was in a house lockin all windows n doors and then i new in the last room hed be there so i hid under the bed but clearly for him to see me and then he walked towards me then i got up from the bed and he was a different boy but yet the same boy now he had blonde hair then befor her had spikey black and was all in black but this boy had blonde hair kinda dudey then i walked up to him n went up to his face and said please dont bite me and got all suductive and started kissing him but the kiss felt real too and then we was in some perssision where my legs were like open iwas on the bed and we were in the same place but i went backonto the bed like on the end of the bed and he was inbetween where my legs where open and i felt slight like pulsin pushin asif he was like pelvic pumpin me and i felt it too like then my mum walked in and was like aww look at them all happy aboutit then i got woken up but i loved the dream because the kiss felt so amazing and lush and i dont know has it got a meaning ?
and bare in mind that in any of my dreams before i could never actually feel my pulin the eye out or kissin or the pumpinn on me it was so real feeling :S? thankyou x

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