Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

Private Sessions by Telephone

World Blessings has offered intuitive spiritual counseling in many different forms over the years. We strive always to offer a loving, safe and light filled environment that will assist you to go to the next level within your spiritual healing and transformation process.

Purpose of Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

To open a pathway to deeper connection with your own spiritual guidance.

To gain clarity on the “bigger picture” of your life purpose and mission.

To release inner blockages that impede the free flow of your manifesting your life purpose.

To receive an infusion of spiritual Light and healing.

To support and catalyze the healing, transformation, and purification process.

To receive experiential training in the process of spiritual healing.

To assist Light Workers in the consciousness shift from a personal identity to a planetary identity.

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling by Telephone

A session by telephone offers the opportunity for transformation and spiritual healing through an infusion of light to your energy bodies and physical body. Generally the first session is one hour. We also offer online spiritual counseling via e-mail.

Donations for Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Spiritual counseling sessions are offered on a donation basis in order to allow this work to be available to all. We operate through donations so that we do not exclude anyone from having access to our work.

We do not have an independent means of financial support, and so your donation is an essential contribution to the continuation of our work.

We offer a range of suggested donation amounts and we ask that you please only choose a smaller donation option if you truly cannot afford the suggested donation amounts.

The suggested donation for a sixty minute spiritual counseling telephone sessions is between $100 and $175

Request a Spiritual Counseling Session

You can request a session by going to our spiritual counseling guidelines page.

More About Spiritual Counseling Services

Learn more about how to prepare for a spiritual counseling session.

Learn more about World Blessings and about me and my background and experience.

If you have further questions or concerns about our spiritual counseling telephone sessions or other spiritual support services, please contact us here.

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