Julie Redstone and Light Omega

Many of the offerings on this website come from Light Omega and contain the articles, Calendars, and other writings of Julie Redstone. Julie is an emissary of the Realms of Light and her work is brought into manifestation at this time to further God's Divine plan for the Earth and for the awakening of all beings.

Julie’s unity with the Realms of Light exists on a vibrational level as well as in terms of the content of her writings, and so the Blessings of the Light messages often find support on an embodied level and further articulation through articles that expand their meaning.

The Light Omega Calendars in particular, bring to those who receive them the possibility for incorporating not only greater understanding of the principles of light, but also the possibility for immersing both body and consciousness in a higher vibration.

About Julie Redstone
Daily Meditation Calendars
Articles on Spiritual Life and Practice

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