Keep Me In Your Light

by Julie
(Maina, Guam U.S.)

God, my Loving Creator, love and light of my life, today has been pretty "testy" and I'm only 2/3rds thru the day. I need to remember to walk back into your light to keep from becoming angry and saying or doing something that I will regret later because it hurt someone or it only added fuel to the fire.

Help me to remain calm and remember that love overcomes everything. Let me return a kind word when someone has thrown a hurtful one my way; let me return a smile, when someone has said something to hurt me; give me the strength and the wisdom to know "when to quit" and when to "remain in the fight because there are some things that are important to defend"; but in all things, help me to remember that You are always present and through the love and intent in my heart for the other person - to know that you are there too and you will "handle" the situation better than I can.

And in the end, fill me and the other person, with compassion, a forgiving heart, love, peace and joy.

Thank you for loving me!

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