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These are the websites that I personally recommend, which include the websites of my spiritual teacher, and of those lightworkers that we are most connected with.

Light Omega is the website of my dearest, beloved spiritual teacher Julie Redstone. The purpose of Light Omega is to offer an understanding of the sacred transition into light that the Earth is presently going through and the changes this will bring to the soul-awareness and consciousness of each individual being.

Light Omega Newsletter offers a spiritual perspective on world events and a new planetary consciousness that is based on light, that involves an awareness of the suffering of others, even as we realize our oneness with the totality of all that is. It is a time of great challenges, of great dangers, and of new possibilities for transforming life as we know it. To remain faithful to love and to the awareness of God's love is what will allow us to realize the potential of this time - that of a new and sacred consciousness for all of humanity and of a deep and profound healing and transformation for the Earth.

One World Meditations is a weekly global meditation to help strengthen the network of light and love in the world. This site has a monthly newsletter and discussion forum. This is simple and powerful way to create a more positive world.

Prayers for America is dedicated to the one people of America, whose destiny it is to live in unity and peace, and whose purpose it is to bring that energy of love and unity to the world. This energy is transformative. It begins in the towns and cities of one nation, and spreads into the vastness of an entire planet. It does this not through force or coercion, but through the powerof example to create a new way of life.

Light Omega New Zealand is an extension of the Light Omega site.

Light America Spirit offers a path of hope through the darkness of this time, and a way to imagine a world at peace at a time when peace does not seem possible. contains teachings on Principles of Sacred Consciousness and Tenets for a New Democracy.

Avenues of Peace A non-profit foundation devoted to the spiritual principles of oneness and unity as the path to lasting peace on Earth.

Post Katrina 2007 is a blog that documents one long-term volunteers perceptions of the ongoing suffering in New Orleans, and offers an extensive gathering of links and resources to help support the many people of New Orleans who are struggling to rebuild their lives.

The Daily Hope offers a beautiful vision of light, support and hope to a transforming world.

Return Of The Christ offers powerful prophecy and guidance for this time on Earth.

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