Lust or Love or simply Lost in Love?

I've been in a relationship for 2 years and 3 months and in all that time it's been extremely rocky but somehow we've managed to stay with each other. And when I say rocky, it's been rocky... Kind of like a marriage where you stick around no matter what. But Lately when I go to bed a little upset with my guy I have dreams about a friend of my mine who is very handsome and simply would be a good catch. I dream we like each other but not say anything about it, we just go with the flow and enjoy each others company in my dream. Of course flirtation is involved in the dream and a kiss has been involved leaving me to feel lots of butterflies in my dream. Could it be possible that I am getting over my relationship with my boyfriend because these dreams seem so real? To be honest I cant say I like my friend because we barely interact one on one, its usually at get togethers. I've known him since high school and just recently we caught up with each other through a network site. Are my dreams telling me it's time to move on? :/ (help!)

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i also have a similar problem
by: Anonymous

i have had a similar experince. i have been dating a guy for the past two years and i love him so much and i dont want to leave him. our relationship has also been rocky and its just like marriage as you said. but i keep having dreams where im with this guy i used to know that i have no feelings for in real life. i have dreams that i leave my current boyfriend and go off with this guy. we kiss and i feel like i love him in my dreams. i cant make them stop but i know im happy with my boyfriend even though sometimes we fight. i dont know what to make of it because it would really be awful if i was having feelings for another guy i havent seen or talked to in years. ps. when i first got together with my boyfriend this guy contacted me on facebook telling me he used to like me and i did too for many years but once i moved and found my current boyfriend i dont want to spend a day without him!!!



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