Missing a flight

by milisuthando
(johannesburg, south africa)

I dreamt that I was extremely angry with my best friend because she meant to take me to the airport to fly to London and instead, took me close to the airport, left me there and made me walk/run to another friend of mine's place where she had driven to. She took some of my friends with her in the car and I couldn't understand why they all left me behind. While I was running, I couldn't take big steps, it was very very difficult to catch up even though I was taking a short cut and eventually, when I stopped to ask somebody for a lift, one of my friends who had gone in the car with my best friend, showed me the way and held my hand because I was tired. We then got to where they were (with my luggage) and they were taking their time in getting into the car, laughing and not taking me seriously. I eventually jumped out of the back seat to physically throttle my best friend - who was meant to be driving but wasn't to tell her "I hate you so much right now, how could you do this", to which she nonchalantly said, relax, you'll get there. Eventually I decide to make my own way to the airport, only to discover that my flight date has already passed. It's February 20, not April 2010.

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