multiple snakes chasing and one bits me

by john P.
(ontario canada)

In my dream there were 2 green,1 brown and 1 black snake, all approximately 4 to 5 feet long. There were chasing me at such a pace that I was in an all out run. I jumped bushes, turned corners, went around houses and they always caught up to me. at least 10 minutes of running. As I turned to look back to see if they were chasing me, the black snake with white lips bit my left hand, no blood, everything suddenly stopped and I the black snake was "standing" (head was about 2 to 3 ' above its body on the ground, the 2 green and 1 brown snake were to the right of the black snake. I wasn't scared in my dream, but I woke up startled shortly after the dream about 2 hours prior to my normal waking time.

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