My boyfriend dreamed bout me cheating

by Tina
(San Jose, CA)

My boyfriend has been having a re occuring dream. They are not usually exactly same but here is the basic story in every dream.
He always walks in on me talking on the phone and I'm cheating on him. It is always at different places. He then breaks up with me. Once he breaks up with me I freak out aand threaten to kill myself (always different ways) but never actually do. He trys to stop me. A couple times he has thought I did kill myself (onetime I dove head first onto a truck) but he finds me later somewhere crying.
He says my mom is always there but doing something. She has never talked to him but just going about her day (one time washing dishes or standing around) and a few times he has saw her comforting me."

PLEASE help its putting a strain on our relationship. We have definetly had our ups and downs in the past but I am not doing anything ow talking to anyone else.

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about dreams
by: Anonymous

This has NOTHING to do with you possibly cheating. This has to do with HIS FEARS AND INSECURITIES.You need to bring this up to him. What he is afraid to speak is showing up in his dreams. Assure him of your love. Also I do hope that you are both abstinent and waiting for marital union before sex.

dont judge
by: Anonymous

What sex is something that can be very much enjoyed with the right person, you don,t neccessarily have to married to love someone. Its just written piece of paper. Everyone has there own beliefs and im not ridiculing yours. I'm just stating fact that no one should be judged weather they have sex b4 marriage. As when your with the right person it can be special indeed

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