my cousin steals my boyfriend

by tesla

in my dream is was dating a guy(which he was my cousins ex in real life) and he told me he was going out of town, but than i my cousin told me that she is dating him now and i can just deal with it.

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look for this
by: Anonymous

Look at this... I do not know how old you are.Do you really want a boyfriend,who goes to someone else so easily? Also,do you know what your cousin is saying is the truth?Is this boyfriend really going out with your cousin?Girl,life is too short to put up with those who cheat and lie.Find yourself a guy who loves God first,and then you.It would be practically guarenteed,that that man would not cheat on you,lie to you or anything like that.I do not feel led to pray for restoration of your relationship-I know this is not something you may want to hear or know.I pray God brings someone in your life,who you can worship with,praise with,pray with- this is what is important- not just to be with someone,to not be alone.I know,I learned the hard way- be thankful you did not get hurt worse.

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