My Dream - In love with a snake

by Noel
(Scarborough, ON)

I fell in love with a snake... what does that mean?

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Dream meanings
by: Mashubi

Hi Noel, what does the snake means to you? Although the symbol of the serpent has archtypical meanings, each of us has our own unique associations with this animal. Also, how did you feel when you woke up form this dream?

At the Temple of Askelepios
by: Cecelia

Dear Noel,

In my version of your dream--if this were my dream--I would be happy and see this as propitious, promising. I heard that in ancient Greece there was an island sacred to Aeskelepios, the Healer. There was a temple where many snakes lived and freely moved about. You went there seeking healing. You spent the night and if you dreamed of a snake, it was thought that you would find healing. Whatever you dreamed, you told the keeper of the temple your dream in the morning and he wrote it down. Apparently there are records of these dreams. Just sacredly acknowledging and being conscious of the dream put you on that healing path.

More on snake symbolism
by: Cecelia Blair

Dear Noel,

I was delighted by your dream and didn't take care in my language with my first response. When I wrote, "you", I meant "one". This was just a general association to the possible meaning of snakes. I also think of the Kundalini serpent, the energy of awakening through the chakras. And then there are sacred serpents who are sky deities in the Hindu traditions--Naga's, they may be called. Unlike Nagini in the Harry Potter series, they aren't negative energies, but they are powerful. Personally I see it more simply. Snakes evoke ancestral fears in human beings (and other primates too). We can stop there in our judgments about them, or, if we can drop this fear and confront the snake in an I-Thou way, shifting the great power of the fear propels a movement into consciousness, love and insight. Suddenly we are propelled into a new world of possibility.

Cecelia (going to Ottawa next summer)

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