my dream

I'm 27 years old. My mother just recently moved up north. She raised my brother and I at my grandmother's house. After she left I've been staying with my children mother and her brother, it's okay but since my mom left my grams house feels different, things aren't the same. Two days in a row I've had the same dream about wild animals. On the side of the house there is an open area where the Gas Company, connect the tall transformer lines.I work at night so I'm extremely exhausted.In my dream it was mid-morning;I was standing in the yard where I could see the open area,there were three types of animals animals; several cows,a giraffe(which was the most aggressive one),a lion and a public transportation bus. There was uncontrollable running and driving wild back and forth up and down the hill none stop.I dreamed this twice with in one week,what does this mean? Please reply I look forward to receiving a spiritual guideline from you. thanks, titus

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