My Eighth Recurring Dream

by Jamie Lavigne
(Bathurst N.B Canada)

To let you know i had this dream almost every 1 and a half or to years of my life.

It starts with me at a dirt cross road. this place is real my mother had a friend that had a trailer you could see from the road. around the trailer was just lots of grass as far as the eye could see. really i am at the age now were i shouldn't even be able to remember this place. i was under 4 years old when my moms friend lived in that trailer.

my dream starts with me standing in the middle of the dirt cross road iv had this dream many times since i was a child and am very familiar with the scenery. every time i awake in my dream on this dirt road i always look to see if the trailer is there, but its gone all i see is the fields of long grass.

after i look for the trailer i walk down the road when i walk down the road it feels like it takes for ever. as i'm walking down the road i see a turn off to the left hand side of the dirt road. its a dead end road with a few houses.

usually in my dream i keep walking down the street past this turn, same time looking at this one white house that made me feel funny when i looked at it. this time i turned left on the road and went to the white house. "also would like to say as well that in the dream i always had any choice which road to turn on i could have walked right past that left turn if i wanted and every road leads to a different place" ok so back to dream.

so this time in my dream i turned on the dead end road walked up to the white house i've seen this house for many years having this recurring dream but this was the first time i went to the house. the house is an old acadian style with a porch and 2 floors and an attic "most of the time when you see these houses there run down from old age but in my dream its bran new beautiful with lots of flowers on the balcony" so when i walked up to knock on the door before i even put my hand up to knock , an old woman opened it and said hello in a very cheerful way like she knew me and haven't seen me for a long time.

i walked in the house there was allot of sun coming in threw the windows i felt really cozy warm and happy when i walked in the house i stood there for awhile, she looked at me like she new
something i didn't and she said " your father is fine " then hugged me i didn't think to much of it at the time. after the hug she looked at me once more then boom all i seen was white then i was back on the corner of the road were i turned to go to the white house but now looking down the dead end road all the houses now are old and falling apart even the wight house now is old doesn't look the same at all.

usually at the point of the dream when i get to the corner, if i took that road in the first place, i walk right past the dead end road like i previously said, and i passed only because when i was younger the feeling that house gave me scared me so i always kept walking past.

so now looking at the house from the road again its old and unlivable.

so from here my dream went on and i passed the road with the white house as i usually would before in this dream.

usually if i took this road from the cross road at the start of the dream was to go see a girl in another house past the turn with the white house, this house was on the same side of the road the turn with the white house was on. this house is on another road with more houses and i remember this girls house very well, it was a big white house with black shutters.

the first time i remember having this dream i was really young didn't like being alone and i didn't know this place in my dream to well so when i seen her in the window i ran to the house because i didn't want to be alone.

this time i walked to the house went to the door the door opened and there she was all grown up around the same age as me 19 years old " now i never seen this girl in real life but in my dream she grew up looked the same as i remember her from when i was younger in my dream but now she was a beautiful woman.

when she opened the door and seen me she jumped with joy grabbed my hand pulled me in the house, then i awoke from my dream just like that.

when i woke up it was clear i don't know if its possible but the old woman in the white house was my grandmother on my fathers side. i never met her she died before i was born. i know now it was her because of her eyes i know my fathers eyes and i seen them in hers. when she looked at me it was real it meant something. like i said earlier she new something i didn't.

when she said "your fathers is fine" its because i always worried what he might do to himself. he is or was a hard drug abuser. most of my life he was never around working all around the world and a few years ago he came back my mom had contacted him telling him that i missed him and wanted him in my life. and it was true i did want him around.

but when he came back to us. we didn't know but he was still doing cocaine he hid his habits from my mother he was open to it with me because i smoked marijuana he thought his secret was safe. but it ate me up inside i never hold anything back from my parents so i had to confess. and my mom kicked him out. i know myself i did the right thing by telling my mom.

i haven't seen my father for over to years now and i constantly wonder how he is. i wonder if he is hurt from my mom kicking him out, because i have no doubt that he cared for me deeply its just something you know. but i thought that he held me responsible for what happened when i told my mother about his abuse. so in my dream when my grandmother said your father is fine she meant that he knows now why i had to do what i did, why i told my mother what he was doing. now he understands and its time now i can confront him again and tell him how i feel about what happened.

now what you have to understand this is not the first vision i had from my recurring dream every road in my dream goes in different directions and different places. it was my time to take that turn on the dead end road and when the flash of light came from inside my grandmothers house and i appeared back at the corner and all the houses were old and run down. it meant that my work on that road was done.

and the girl in the other house past the first turn is my safe place in my dream when i was younger in my dream i ran there

to be safe and that's were i always woke up sometimes i took another road if i seen something on one road in the distance and there was always a reason why i would go in a certain direction in my dream if it was a lesion, message or warning in present, past or future this dream guided me through life.

this what i write now is just a small part of what this recurring dream showed me.

mainly this might of been to tell me that its time to contact my father and he understands now why i told my mother about his problem every time i wake from this dream its like an epiphany while I’m dreaming i don't understand what it means but as soon as i awake its all clear.

the first thing i did when i woke up was look up recurring dreams on google found this site and i new that i had to write my story.

i also would like to no if other people have similar dreams like this. people think its impossible to see past the walls of life but that's because they can only believe what they see.

if you have dreams like mine and you think you had a vision of a lesson, message or warning let me know. i would love to here your stories.

please email your stories at...........

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