my girlfriend was giving birth to a boy n we were both happy

by Manny

In ma dream I had gone some where for a long time...n when I came back..I found my girlfriend pregnant n giving birth to a baby boy...n out if nowhere. I was holding my baby. N I was very happy...

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about your gf being pregnant
by: Anonymous

I would hope that you both honor God in not having sex before marriage. Otherwise you are disobeying God, for His word says no fornication (sex) outside of marriage.

Don't Judge!
by: Annelise

Greetings, Do you know this couple? Are they acknowledging Christ as Saviour? If not those words do not apply to them until they claim Jesus Christ as LORD! And with Love and Kindness can we win them. Pray for them instead of jumping on them. Remember your life before Christ.

With Love,

What was the outcome of your dream??
by: Anonymous

Sorry but why do ppl have to try to scare others with god?.. Was Mary married?.. no! But she gave birth.. go and take your bible bashing where ppl want to hear it!
On the dream note I think it's you that wants a family :).. but missing the pregnancy bothered you.. I had a dream a few weeks ago I gave birth (i hardly remember my dreams).. it was realistic and scary lol.. that's how I came across this.. now I'm 4days late for my period (sorry tim) and having other symptoms.. I was wondering what your gf thought of your dream?

I've dreamed twice in a row giving birth
by: Veronica

I dont know much but i've read before that it means that your becoming mature or overcoming something.. like a fresh start. that youve grown. but weird too cuz the first day i had a girl and the next day i dreamed again i had a boy...???

girlfriend in the dream..
by: ninja

Hi..i am 17yr old and liking a girl very much..she is not my friend also..but from last to days i am getting dreams of her cracking jokes with me..last night we were in the school and suddenly dream changed that i am going home on my bike and theres a tsunami in between..what does this mean.the city was virtual different from my actual city.thanx

Faith in something you can not see or touch
by: Luke Nichols

Do you see how you have turned people off to God?
It is a shame that the devil has it so easy. God does not
Care if you make love before marriage. All he cares
About is if you are a sell out and are going to go against
Him in His own kingdom. Even if you don't believe at least
Have the will to think that there is something better then
Yourself that is in control. All this rubbish is not what God
Is all about so please control your interpretations of God
If you have no idea what you are saying. He is for good
And wants you to have the choice to be with him or not.
You see that is what Faith is all about. The ablity to believe
In something you can not see or touch. You believe that you
Have a mind right??? But yet nobody has ever studied the
Mind in its original state. Once you put light or waves on the
Mind you have altered it. So if you believe that you have a mind then you are on your way to discovering faith.

Your gf being pregnant :)
by: Anonymous

Might mean deep down you wanna have a kid, never know :P :)

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