Nightmares or night terrors?

by Brady

I have been having dreams about my family dying not just dead from normal things but I would wake up in my dream and go into my moms room and (...) and another dream the house was on fire (...)so I went upstairs and my dad and brother were on fire and I woke up and ran upstairs and sat on the chair next to the kitchen table and I went back down stairs and I my girlfriend woke up and asked me what was wrong so I told her and just last night I don't know if I was dreaming but it felt so real and I woke up cuz I had another bad dream and (...)I picture a tree on a hill burning then My body spazzes and I wake up again (...)and woke my brother up who was next to me and I told him to turn on the lights and told him what happend and went upstairs and slept with our mom

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