I HAD A DREAM WHERE I WAS IN THE OCEAN SWIMMING although i can't swim in reality. There were other people in the water including my sister.I found myself alone in the water after sometime and i was just laying there listening to someone speaking to me(i can't remember what they were saying to me) but somehow i knew it was GOD.Then i heard my sistew call out to me that it was time to go, when i opened my eyes i saw her with a woman who was teaching her to swim. i swam away from where i was ,but immediately realize that the water around was cold and i told my sister that and i went back where i was and found it warm, i then woke up.

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by: AD

you feel lost :(

Listen NEW
by: Jerri

It sounds like God is telling you to just listen to him. Sometimes distractions will cause us to (swim) away from hearing what God has to say. So, the point is listen for God's voice.

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