Online Spiritual Counseling and Guidance Services

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Please note that currently email sessions are not available. We are leaving this page up in case we reactivate this service in the future.

World Blessings offers online spiritual counseling and spiritual guidance services via e-mail on a donation basis to people of all faiths. We make this service available in partnership with those in the spiritual realms that guide the Blessings of the Light spiritual guidance messages.

Our online spiritual counseling and guidance services are individually tailored to your specific needs and questions. Your online spiritual counseling and guidance will be one to three pages in length, and is sent to you via e-mail, so that you can refer to it in the future. Any questions you may have about the guidance are shared and discussed in one to three follow up e-mails. We also offer spiritual counseling services by telephone on a limited basis.

Donations for Online Spiritual Counseling

Online spiritual counseling and guidance is offered on a donation basis in order to allow this work to be available to all. We operate through donations so that we do not exclude anyone from having access to our work. We do not have an independent means of financial support, and so your donation is an essential contribution to the continuation of our work.

The suggested donation for online spiritual counseling and guidance by e-mail is between $60 and $100 which includes one to three pages of in depth guidance and up to three follow up questions. Please only choose a smaller donation option if you truly cannot afford the suggested donation amounts.

What Happens After you Request a Session

After you submit your request for spiritual counseling, you will see a web page where you can offer a donation. Once we receive your donation, we will contact you within two business days to schedule your appointment and send you further instructions.

Please note that currently sessions are not available. This form has been deactivated until we resume sessions.

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