Personal Reflections

These are my experiences and personal reflections on spiritual life.

New Articles and Reflections on the Spiritual Foundations of America

Spiritual Articles Will Return in January

Losing My Frame of Reference

A Drastic Change

Physical Matter is Transforming

It's Been a Long Time

Things Are Not as They Seem

The Return of Spring

Falling Down

Physical Transformation

There Is No Such Thing As Failure

New Articles Coming

The Pain of Transformation

Forward Movement

Body Changes

The New Year

A Grateful Goodbye

A New Season for this Blog

You are Changing the World

Sharing Articles Published

Many Things at Once

Full Circle

Outer and Inner change

Seeing the New Earth

Seeing Results


Evidence of the Transformation of Consciousness



Inner Life

Change of Season

Last entry for a while

Invisible Progress

Cleaning Out

Another Connection


The Bigger Picture

Connections and Reconnections

High Desert


Expanding Awareness

Relationship With the Earth

Fourth of July

Welcome to my new blog

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