Please help - Strange Babies Dream

by Adeline
(London, UK)

Hi, can anyone help please ? My parents both had very similar dreams on the same night yesterday. My dad saw a baby who couldn't walk yet, and was extremely intelligent in sciences, maths, chemistry and such subjects. he was too young to talk yet he talked. He asked if my mother drank wine, and my dad answered that yes, and even Jesus drank wine so that's ok. The baby boasted a lot about my parents in the entire world, and flattered them all over the world.Then my dad asked the baby questions about the Bible but the baby wouldn't answer and was hostile. My dad started speaking in tongues and the baby didn't like it.

My mother had a dream about a baby, who also couldn't walk, and her now defunct grand mother was taking care of that baby, washing her/him and breastfeeding him/her sitting in a car. My mother went to buy some pampers diapers. Very strange, and what does it mean and why did my parents both dream this the same night? I believe this dream is demonic in nature, and that it has to do with my parents but I'm not sure. please do tell me what it means, don't be afraid to tell the truth and be as hard as you want, i need an answer to this. My parents have asked me to get an interpretation so i thought i'd try here. but if they're not supposed to understand the meaning of it, i'll keep it to myself. if you need more details about the dream or anything else please let me know.

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Energies and feelings in dreams
by: Mashubi

Hi Adeline,

As I read your account of your parents dreams, I don't feel negative energy from the dreams. How did each of your parents feel about the dreams?

Seeing babies in dreams could mean any number of things. Sometimes it is a symbol of new life, or of a soul from the spiritual realms that is preparing to incarnate into your family. Sometimes babies represent the part of us that is new and innocent. Sometimes we fear what is new, and so we may not know how to respond.

The best way to tell what a dream is about, and what its message is to you, is to notice how you felt in the dream, and how you felt upon waking. Your parents may want to attune to their intuition and to feel what the meaning is of the dream.

Your Parenrts Dreams
by: Sister In Jesus Christ

First I will try to help you understand your daddy dream of the baby this baby appeared in the form of innocent because we know baby are innocent, babies are smart true and can't talk but are smart in recognizing and learning and demonstrating and acting out what they see more than what they hear but this baby your dad dreamed about was in a mature and develop mind and spirit state, the question, the boasting, the flattering and the anger against your daddy speaking in tongue and trying to justify it okay to drink wine because drink is a spirit to miss lead and deceive but have dress himself/herself to be excepted and to make believe it innocent by appearing in the form and shape of a baby. Your mother dreamed identify with your dad because in her dream the baby was being nourished by and older person and needed diapers so this was in a true form of a baby and the your grandmother is the sign of defunct wisdom and if your mother and father are not in Godly order there is a spirit that is deceiving them and there are things in their lives that's undeveloped and that is the part of their lives that being deceived. They need to mature more in the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of God. They may be christian but some where in their spiritual walk there is room in their live that's open to deception of the ways of Satan. I hope this have bought some enligthen to help you understand what may be going on with your parents. I pray all is well with you and your parent in Jesus Christ the anointed one name.

by: Dayna

I feel it is demonic in nature. I also feel like someone - with less than favorable intentions - will try to befriend them or be a "sheep in wolves" clothing. I believe that they will charm them with his/her wits. But as long as they don't deviate from what God has taught them, the enemy will flee. This is what I think

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