Recurring dreams...

by Love
(Cebu City Philippines)

Ever since i was a kid, i keep having this dream. In my dreams I am always running from someone. Someone bad. And its mostly like if they catch me they're going to kill me or hurt me. And if they are not chasing me, i'm the one who's chasing them trying to kill them because if i can't kill them they are going to hurt someone close to me, my family or my loved ones.

I am puzzled as to what these dreams mean.
Anyone can give me any ideas on why and what are these dreams are, please? Your answers would be much appreciated!

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I pray for you
by: Anonymous

You are running away from yourself. Accept yourself in your totality. Embrace all aspects of yourself. Do not judge or criticize yourself. You are a piece of God, accept your magnificence!!!

Dream about my father who agreed to marry me off to a man of my choice NEW
by: Anonymous

please help me interpret my dream... my father is not agreeing for my love marriage. but in the dream he liked my boy friend in first meeting and said he is fine with the wedding and said the boy's face resembles with my daughter. i am worried will i get married to my boy friend. what is the dream indicating?

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