recurring leaving the country dream

by Eric
(San Diego)

I joined Peace Corps in the mid 90s and lived in Nepal for 2 years which resulted in a paradigm shift of how I view life in the U.S.A.
The recurring dream involves having made a decision in my present life to live abroad in some developing country. Usually I am already in the country or I am just about to leave the next day. Then I feel conflicted about leaving my orchestra teaching job (which in real life is fantastic )as well as my dogs, friends, and family. I get the feeling of, "oh, my gosh, i'm about to be away for a long, long time" These dreams have been coming up sometimes even nightly or at least once or twice a week. What message is being sent?

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dreams of moving to new country
by: Anonymous

I really think that while you love your current job, this dream is saying you will live out your live purpose and be happier if you move to another country when the chance comes up. This dream is saying that this move is VERY IMPORTANT. Of course always trust your instincts but don't let fear lead you. You may find a lot of love after you move.

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