Red flashing lights

by Jen

I was supposed to go to homecoming with some boy and he ended up not taking me. In my dream, Everybody thought I was crazy. I did weird things in it that I would never, ever do in real life. It was scary. It involved blood and doing completely oblivious things. Like putting it on paper or something. At the end, Someone took this piece of paper and attached it to my leg and tried doing awful things and red lights and sirens started going off and I kept telling them to stop. Thats all I remember though.

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I have suggestions for you, experienced what you have

hello, guess what ive had the same experiences with a guy who I wanted to go to prom, and he hurt me too. TO this day my heart is still in pain and i'm still not over how he hurt me.

I've also had horrific dreams that are so dreadful, that I've woken up shaking. Yes, blood was also involved just like in your dreams. I've had to take relaxers just to calm down.

I've had similar to the exact type off experiences you have had. Horrifying, frightening, and deep saddness, despair, darkness and pure blood on me.

THe blood was just horrifying then numbing for me. I also read in a book that dreams have symbols and mean certain things.

I have know taken that into consideration every time i have a nitemare, and try to figure out what the message was, in my dream, most off the time even though its dreadful.

The angels or my spirit gives me the strength to figure it out. I have been told by some compassionate people, to "sleep with rose quartz", and celeste", to "soften the energies when i sleep" so no bad energies, or nitemares happen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. I wear crystals, as i'm very sensitive to energies.

I sleep with rose quartz, and have to spray my bed sheets with soft fragrance, just to calm my nerves during sleep.

I also use two pure salt lamps that I sleep with at night, plus, i use sage liquid spray to cleanse the energies, in my rooms.

I use salt and sprinkle it in corners. However, sage helps really clear away and cleanse. white mountain sage that I got helps clear away negative energies. This does help for a few hours

HOwever salt lamps work the best, to give off good energies, and for my part, neutralize, to cleanse the energies in my room, when I sleep, day and night, so sleeping is better.

Yet I admit, I still do break down crying day and night. Not from the bad dreams, but from my other situational circumstances, that give me grief, despair.

I pray for you and me, and pray for higher universal energies to look over us, and protect us, and our circumstances.

I pray for white light, to surround each off us, and protect us. I pray the angels and universal energies will protect us both, warmly with love

forgot to add
by: carrie

I forgot to add a few things in my reply, as I wanted to help and respond, but was out off focused, as thats what saddness, numbness does.

I've had a few other dreams in which, my chakra cord, was set on fire. I woke up in shock, terror.

I had dreams two years ago, off red blood pouring out off me, from parts that were shocking.

I saw black blood coming out, off other people lower energy people I knew too, then it just stayed black blood "not red, but black". That was horrifying to wake up too.

HOvever the most shocking, horrifying, dream was the burning off my chakra cord. My chakra cord being set on fire, in my etherical being, that was the ultimate, shock.

The type off salt lamps, I started to use is pure white selenite, which i got from a health food store. selenite is meant to obsorb the lower energies, in my room or energic feild. sadly its already turning black

The Himalayan, is the purest, highest vibrational, salt lamp, that gives off positive energies into the energetic feild, off my room, yet it doesnt always work.

THey again are meant to purify/cleanse. Yet in my case it only neutralizes the energy feild. Sometimes it does works, sometimes it doesnt.

HOwever, they dont totally work to purify/cleanse, in each individual situational, circumstance.
THey dont totally cleanse/purify, my energy feilds in my room at all, even though thats what its meant for. {In my situation, it can only just "neutralizes"}.

Same with the sage spray, it is meant to purify, but in my case, it just neutralizes the energy feild in my room, and my house.

Its a very horrifying and terrifying, severly painful, shocking and inhuman situation to have to live

Red lights
by: Anonymous

In my dream I was driving through red lights constantly, what does that mean

Red Lights NEW
by: Jazzmin

@anonymous I believe your dream with the red lights means that u r rushing throuh life, and r having trouble seeing the clearest things. Take your time and enjoy life. Be with your family and friends for when u retire, work won't matter, it's ur family and friends who will be their for u--not ur job. You don't live forever! :) Hope I could help

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