Shared Dream

by Tootsie

It was at the same exact moment as in reality. I was sleeping beside Chip. I often have nightmares where I find myself struggling to wake up. This was no different but it felt so real that how I slept in reality, was exactly the same way pictured in my dream. I was struggling to wake up since i could hear Chip moaning, he was struggling to wake up too. I thought that I had to wake up for Chip. It was really hard to move a finger. Finally, I did it. When I woke up, Chip woke up too. I told him I had a nightmare. Later that day I jokingly told Chip that he didn't even bother to wake me up in my nightmare. I said, "you really want me to die in my sleep huh?". Then he shared that he dreamed that he could hear me moaning and he wanted to wake me up but he himself couldn't wake up too. When he did manage to wake up, I was too. It seemed like we shared the same dream at exactly the same time.

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