Siblings dying

by Tiffany

In June 2010 of last year my oldest brother was murdered. He was stabbed to death. In October 2010 of last year, Halloween weekend, my youngest brother was murdered. He was shot to death. The day I got back to school from my youngest brothers funeral, my grandfather died of bone cancer. All of these ppl are related to me by my father and my father died years ago. All of this is true. Now for the past two nights in a row, I dreamt about my youngest sister being killed and I woke up both times to check on her to see if she was ok. I am in college and I dont go home often and lately the only time I been home was for a funeral. What is my dream telling me??

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Wow!!! NEW
by: Tameca

This dream may mean that because of the recent deaths of your family members, mostly the tragic deaths of your siblings, you may feel as if this is going to happen to her as well. I would suggest praying for your families protection(intercession-praying on behalf of others), ask the Lord to place a spiritual hedge of protection around you all. Try to keep in contact with them as much as possible, definitely your sister and encourage her to pray. I will be praying for you and your family. If you have any further questions you can contact me at

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