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What is Energy Healing Therapy?

How energy healing therapy can assist your body, mind and spirit to find greater harmony, ease, and balance.

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Prayers for Healing - Supports for Your Daily Prayer and Meditation

These prayers for healing are offered to help support and assist you in your daily prayer and meditation.

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New in 2020 - Free Live Online Healing Session

Join us every Wednesday at 12 noon Eastern time for the World Blessings Circle of Healing!

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The Point of Balance - Healing for the Heart

The point of balance creates an ability of the heart to embrace all of life, both the suffering and the hope, while feeling the Love that holds it all.

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How Self Love can Transform Relationships

All human beings are created with the natural need to give and receive love. We are created in love forms the foundation of our divine spiritual selves, and of our physically manifested life.

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Loneliness - A Hunger of the Soul

Loneliness is often caused by a lack of fit between the self and the world, based on values that do not mesh. Rather than reflecting a lack in the self, loneliness may be viewed as interactive

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New Offerings in 2018

Hello dearest beloveds! We will be offering a new weekly guided meditation and healing session starting in late April of 2018. If you would like to be notified when this is available, please join our mailing list which will update you. Blessings to you!

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Financial Prayers - Prayers for Prosperity - Prosperity Prayer

So many have written requests for financial prayers to be helped by Divine intervention in relation to a desperate financial situation.

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How to Ask for Inner Guidance

This is a beautiful article from Julie of that will be helpful any time you need help knowing where to turn or how to get through a difficult situation.

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