Strange Dream

Last night I had a dream that I was driving in the downtown area of my town, driving down a familiar road. All the buildings were the same and in their correct location except for one. One building from a completely separate part of town was placed next door to another building. The thing is these buildings are similar to each other, they are both public swimming pools. Anyway...I felt very nervous in my dream and I actually woke up feeling eerie and nervous. In my dream I saw people walking and sitting on sidewalks, and they all made me feel a little scared, I don't know why. I also saw a little girl standing on a corner of one sidewalk and she was lost. I don't know how I know she was lost, but I did. Seeing her created a major part of my nervousness. There was also a fishbowl in the middle of the street. My car went over it and I heard a breaking sound. So, I thought that I had destroyed but when I got past it and looked in my rear view mirror I saw that it was still sitting there with no harm to it. There were two purple fish in it. I have no idea what this dream means, but I cannot get it off my mind! Please help?

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