The Hanging

by chris
(San Angelo, TX)

in my dream, my family was living in a rather tall apartment building like a skyscraper. anyways two of my friends were visiting and some other family too. i went to the bathroom and when i came out my friends were gone and so i asked my mom where they went. she tells that one of them just hung themselves and i didn't believe her at first, but then i looked out the building and saw that someone was hanging and it did look like my friend. i freaked out and started crying and then my family was telling me to stop crying in an angry tone. i went look out the window again and i saw another hung body and i freaked out again, but i didnt cry this time. then another hung body comes flying down and another and soon it was a row of hung dead bodies. by that time i was in a huge panicked state, so i told my family we should get out of here now cause i thought maybe something bad was happening in the building and i didnt want me or my family to die. after telling them they said nothing was happening and if something were, they'd see it in the news and i said that it wouldnt show up that fast so i started to turn on the radio to hear any news and thats where my dream ends.

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