The kiss

by Stephanie
(San,Marcos,Texas, United States)

Once i had this dream that me and my mom were talking and she needed some butter so we went next door to my sisters house but she didn't have any and this guy i use to like a lot (not saying his name) and his parents randomly came to my house. My dad popped up out of no where and said to my mom if she wanted to go to the store to go buy some and she said yeah then the just poofed out of now where and dissapeared. Then my sister disspeared. Then that just left me, the guy, and the guys mom. His mom said she was gonna check on my nephew and so that left me and the guy. Alone. It was akward. Thn we didn't hear a noise from the room where my nephew was so i asked for him to go check on her and i heard the door close.
I said to him:
"What is she doing?"
He said:
"She's Asleep. I closed the door so we could have more privacy."
When he said that i just stared at him. Then he told me had a secret to tell me so i put my ear towards his mouth. It took about 10 minutes to realize that he wasn't telling me a secret. He was just blowing air in my ear (For some reason i took this as a turn on). When i realized he was just blowing in my ear i quickly moved away from him, kissed on the cheek, and then we started kissing. We started kissing in the kitchen then made our way toward the couch. But without letting eachother go. We held eachother tightly together, never letting go as if that were the last time seeing eachother. When we got to the couch we were just making out then i thought i heard my parents car but when i looked it was just a car passing by. But whenever we tried to start making out again my parents really did come back. So we attempted to but when we baely started kissing i woke up. But when i woke up it still felt like he was still kissing me.

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