The Peace Principle

by Monica Lamping
(Chesapeake, VA)

The Peace Principle

“We are like the sky, ever-changing and ever-evolving, reaching towards the highest peaks of heaven.”

~do not kill, by killing another you kill yourself, for we are all one in divinity.
~let thoughts float by you like a stream, attachment to these only creates delusion.
~there are many thoughts in the universe; by identifying with a thought you give it power.
~you are greater than your thoughts you are vaster than your mind.
~stop toiling for riches or you will lose the greatest treasure i have planted in you.
~this treasure is wholeness for all is connected.
~from the stars in the galaxy to the flowers blooming in spring all come from the same seed.
~the world is your body if you are polluting and killing the world the same you are doing to yourself.
~stop doing and start being!
~be still enough to feel the vibrance of nature, which you are a part of.
~the moment of now holds all the powers, the past and future are but a rogue.
~heaven is in you and around you so rejoice in the moment!
~the material age is dead
~the spiritual age is beginning
~people of all creeds will unite for i am in all.
~i am connected to all
~join me and feel the connection

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