the world ending, well we all thought it was.

by rachel w.
(sanford )

in my dream it was night time i was home alone and for some reason i knew that it was supoused to be the end of the world. i looked out the window and i saw the planets lining up and they looked like stars but im guessing they were planets and their moons were spinning around them really fast then one at a time they started to expload then they all dissapeared, while this was happening i called my boyfriend and mom to tell them my goodbyes and then i fell asleep in the dream, then i woke up and it was daytime and i looked outside and the sun was out and really close but the moon was under it and very far away and half of the moon was shadowed, i then turned on the tv and remember seeing mirical stories about that night and how this one woman went out to see the end happen and she was paralized and she stared to walk because she was going down a hill and it was dificult for her. thats all that happened in my dream and im wondering what this means

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