Thoughts on dreams

by Peg
(Saint Paul, Oregon, USA)

I have been studying, searching and experiencing, life on a spiritual path since I was born into this lifetime, 44 years ago......
There are different types of dreams. Some, the most common I have come to realize, are your everyday dreams.
Our subconscious mind takes in everything. Liken it to a large recorder. At night, it replays what it took in. And we see these things as dreams..... Pay attention and you will find as I have, that you watched a show or a movie about whatever, and you dreamed of it, only it was your mind's interpretation of it, not the original show or movie.
There are other times when we leave our bodies and end up stuck on the astral plane. Where anything can happen........
Then there are times when we astral travel and remember another lifetime or go home to "plug in" and revitalize our selves........
Some have dreams that are prophetic and do come to pass........
Lately, I have been having dreams of children. I am having these because I am birthing, or helping to birth new things.
Of course! Look at the world today! We all of us are birthing a new world!!!!!!
So, this is my subconscious mind filtering it for me.....Showing what it sees that has come in....
The key here, it to get in touch with your self............
As the article said, EVERYONE is different. A book on interpretation is not truly going to help. Keep journals, think about the day before. Look for the "secret codes" in the dream. Look for themes...... How do they relate to your world and to you????? What has been on your mind lately??? It's all relevant and connected somehow.
But, bottom line is, since it's so personal, only you can decide what it means for you.
Love and Light!
Happy Dreaming/Traveling.
OR Happy Trails!!!!!!!

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