Too many exs

by Erica D.
(Houston, Texas. USA)

I was back in Turkey with my ex, we were at a school (which i think has been in a multitude of my dreams)and I had brought my cell phone and a dual voltage charger so I could keep in touch with my family while i was away. but when my phone died, the screen kept blinking red and it wouldnt charge. I distinctly remember my ex saying "now you dont get a cell phone for two weeks".
The scene then changed to me in a very over crowded room and everyone was looking at a very small TV that looked like one of those ones in a hospital room. Then another one of my exs comes up to me and then we started making out hardcore. Then two guys im crushing on but have never once talked to in my life come up to me and say "why didnt you tell us you had a boyfriend?" and then I said "Wait he's not my boyfriend" then I remember going to stand in a corner. then I woke up

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Hiding ?
by: Anonymous

As per me this shows that you hide about your relationship from your ex's or may be you are not very comfortable to tell them about your relationships.

My ex showing up in my dreams
by: Yellow

I also have been having my ex that mentally mistreated me show up in my dreams but only for a second.... Not sure what it means, I have forgiven him but not sure why he just pops up in my dreams and then disappears.

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