by Camille

First, my cousins and I are in a taxi and huge black hands choke me. My family is in my house crying over my grandma's death and my mom cries in the hospital near by.
Next,I decide to sleep on the kitchen table and wake up in the funeral church and my dad brings me to an elevator telling me he's my guardian angel.
Then,I see a false heaven where a little guy tricks my bad family members to believe my grandma's alive in Heaven with them. Then two old folks I know appear from a door showing a hallway with many doors.
Suddenly,I walk alone in a gray poor place seeing my friend turn to dust. There's a dead end and two walls. One is a wall to Heaven another to Hell. Angels and people wearing all black hunter clothes are fighting each other. A group of gray soldiers run past me and jump over the walls. On one side 3 guys walk up stairs to sit on top the wall and to talk about a new shampoo.
What does my dream mean?

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