We had the Same Dream

by Gerard

last night i have a dream, a dream of girl that i met here in my office. she's an agency coordinator for our workers. i was happy when i dreamed about here. when i woke up, i immediately sent her a message regarding my dream why our paths crossed. shocked by her reply, she also dreamed about me the same night. What does that dream means? Is she my soulmate? I'm married for almost a year now and she's single.

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Spiritual connections
by: Mashubi

Souls are connected in all different ways, and your dream is most likely an indicator that you and she may have some kind of inner connection. This does not mean it is a soul mate or romantic connection though. Relationships and love happen in all kinds of ways. Souls are connected within 'spiritual families', so there may be a sense of connection, familiarity, recognition or resonance that you may feel with someone. A marriage relationship is a special and unique bond and yet it is possible to feel love and deep spiritual connections with one or many souls. We have a new resource called Meditations on Love which can illuminate this beautiful mystery of spiritual relationships.

by: Gerard

we had a chance to talked about this a while ago. i explained to her what you wrote regarding my query. she explained that she's shy to tell me first that she dreamt about me until i openned up to her. in her dream, we're ON(in a relationship) and mind as well. she's ok if we'll have a friendly date. kindly enlighten me regarding this matter. its like we're very happy with each other. you know, the kinda relax with each other

More about spiritual relationships
by: Mashubi

Hi Gerard,

When we meet 'friends of the soul', there can be a feeling of joy, love, recognition and happiness. In our current society, we have compartmentalized relationships, and so when love presents itself to us "out of the box" of what our traditional understanding is, we often don't know how to proceed. Or we may misunderstand what is going on, and end up making decisions that we later regret. Love can be confused with sexual attraction, and this can cause a great deal of misunderstanding.

In this situation you are married and already have a primary and sacred bond with your wife. Your friend is single, and so there is some potential for confusion and difficulty in pursuing this friendship if you are not very, very clear with yourself, your wife and your friend. You will need to pray about this and ask God to guide you.

In my experience, turning your relationships over to God, and praying for "Thy Will be Done" in all areas of life, brings clarity and peace and deep fulfillment. God wants so much more for us than we can ever imagine for ourselves ... and often in ways we could never imagine. Love is always a gift, and I encourage you to take your relationship to God and ask for guidance, wisdom, truth and discernment.

We have an entire section about this topic on Spiritual Relationships which you may find helpful.

Blessings to you,

by: Anonymous

hey. I stumbled upon this page. I read an article a couple of days ago (ironically) which talk about how single women are more attracted to married men than they are to single men. They like the fact that married men already have a seal of approval by another woman and that they are capable of comitment. These add to their desirability. Married men are usually also more stable and "sane" emotionally. (of course generally speaking) Single women are thus attracted to married men without realizing it.

I don't think you share a very special 'bond' to this girl at all. What's the point of being very close to a person of the opposite sex if you don't get married to each other ? I believe in men/women friendships but not when they involve such a weird and close bond (attraction and wanting to date in the back of the head), especially when the other party is already married.

My opinion is RUN. If you care about your marriage at all. If your wife means anything to you at all.

That dream was a warning: you're getting too close to this woman, and you need to take a step back.

by: Gerard

Hi guys, thanks for the comments...by the way, we've had a couple of dates until such time that i realized how much i loved my wife...we're very close with this lady now but still we have to set boundaries in our relationship...she's happy now with her boyfriend. we still send text messages everytime we think of each other..

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