What Does my Dream Mean?

by Aerdna

i had a dream that involved a lot of aspects in my life that i cant go into but i was working in the area of work i have just did my degree in and there was a hill outside -up the hill was my ex and he was standing there as he was a bouncer in real life . so i was the hill was a typical hill sandy road and green grass. on one side this road leading up the hill and on the other loads of fences blocking the way.i only seen these fences at the start of the dream where i was climbing them and i was scared because i don't like heights and felt humiliated as people i felt (not seen) people were looking at me. i get down without climbing the fence back to safety.
next the dream skips to the building somewhere at the bottom of the hill were i'm working with a few students and college lecturers i know. i look at my watch and realise that i have missed lunch break so i cant see my boyfriend .
my boyfriend is the most important part of these dream but why is he standing on the road up a hill. what does it mean

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