What does this Dream Mean - Ministry ?

by Natasha Lucero
(Lynden Wa)

What does this mean? In my dream I was going to have a baby. I was saying "I can't have a baby, this isn't possible" I said it a few times. I was then handed the baby and named him Jacob and everyone around me also knew his name. He was normal and healthy on the outside, but internal, the spine was delicate, like I could see the spine and it glowed in and out like I could see places that it could fracture. I had to be very careful in how I held him and layed him down. I was told that the baby will get stronger and stronger. My husband was telling me that the baby will be strong. I was also around people I knew (faces) and in front of me was wide water. Water so wide I couldn't see anything but...with a ship.

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