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I was at a old house that I use to live in that was demolished. The grass was high behind the house. In the grass there was a long, long, black and yellow snake.What does this mean

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Your kundalini is rising
by: Anonymous

Leave the old behind and embrace the new. Snake is the sign of kundalini rising. Embrace your spiritual side. Spread love, light, and joy.

pizza dreams
by: Anonymous

Sometimes dreams don't really mean anything special. We cannot find meaning in every dream that we have. There is no way for me to know what the dream means to you unless I knew you personally or God revealed it to me. For example: I have had recurring dreams of not having money to buy clothes. I have since realized that evil spirits want to keep me in poverty. Now that I know this I can pray accordingly. But only I would know that for myself. Some people may presume to understand your dream but usually they are wrong. How does the dream make you feel? Does it make you long for your old life and home? Did the snake scare you? Or do you like snakes? A snake can mean something different to different people.

Snake Dream
by: Dayna

Leave that part of your life behind. Maybe you have an attachment to that part of your life, but it is not necessarily healthy and you should be cautious before engaging in that situation again...especially if you are beyond it now.

Sankes is a warning about an enemy

Personally I have always been told that when you dream about a snake it represents an enemy, so therefore the dream could possibly mean that you left your enemy behind when you moved away. If it is remembered that Satan appeared to Eve as a serpent in the Garden of Eve, Genesis 2:16-17. A snake is the lowest creature here on God's green Earth....I can relate cause I once had dreams of snakes. Surely it represented enemies. I have the spirit of discernment. I knew exactly what the dream meant. I will be posting that dream.

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