Whats going on?

by Erica D.
(Houston, Texas. USA)

There was this guy that I liked a lot and we were going to see if we were compatible so we kept hanging out late at night because my parents were not allowed to know about him so i would sneak out and he would pick me up in his trashy little car and we would make out. but one night my parents came looking for me and found us.
Next thing i know im hanging out with him again and he says "you have crap on your pants." and he pulls it off and it ended up being a brownie. The scene then changed again and I was getting out of a very large bed and we had just had sex but i was mad.
the scene changes yet again and I was in my english class and my english teacher was handing back papers I got my paper back and i had gotten a 12 on it (we were learning how to write a formal letter) while i was looking at it red ink appeared on it and it had a big arrow pointing to the comma after the recievers name and the red ink read "well at least you know how to use a comma correctly!" (like it was making a joke)then that plus what i had written disappeared. Thats when a letter written to me appeared saying something about me needing to wear a hot ensemble and to meet him or whoever it was outside at... the rest looked like it had been torn off and then i was as if while i was reading the letter i was transported hom so i put on a dress and went outside. Almost immediatly two cars pulled up they looked like limos but much shorter. one of them held Mr. B (the guy of my dreams dad) and some other guy. The other car held two guys I didnt recognize at all. So I chose the car with the two strangers, but as soon as i got in the car the two strangers got out of the car and got in the car with mr.b. Almost right after the car started we were at the airport and then all four of us in the car go and get on a jet plane that looked like a restraunt on the inside. I sat next to mr.B and then there was a butler sitting across from me and some other guy next to him. Mr. B then got up and left and the Butler was giving me instructions thats when I noticed a guy sitting at a table on the other side of the jet nearest the tail. The guy was the same guy from the very beginning of my dream. The jet landed in chicago I got off and i didnt know anyone. I was confused.

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